What the fashion world needs “now”!


Are you a fashionista bored with fashion? I am and so is my friend, Misha, from Texas. So, I’m bored in Alabama, she’s bored in Texas, and only God knows how many more of us are fed up with the “what’s new” being something that we’ve had in our wardrobes for years. Loris calls fashion a “crash dummy”, it just keep hitting a brick wall with the same looks season after season.

So, here’s a tip for fashion editors, try making style ads more personal. Huh? Why don’t you feature your styles in the ladies room, waiting in line to renew a tag, returning spoiled turkey meat to Walmart, getting a ticket for an expired tag, dropping your pre-schooler off on the first day of school, or ransacking the place after you’ve misplaced your car keys. Now, that’s fashion made personal and fresh and NOW!

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