How To Revamp Your Wardrobe: 3 Cheap Ways

If you are opening your wardrobe door and sighing when you look inside you are not alone. Especially in these strapped economic times, you may not find it practical to buy a whole new wardrobe, or spend as much as you used to on clothes.

Never fear… even if you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on new clothes here are 3 cost effective ways to make a noticeable change to your wardrobe today.

1. Change buttons, hemlines and colors. If you have a couple of tops that are fading why not dye them a new color? They will instantly have more life and seem like a completely new top. If you wear shirts to work, consider changing the buttons on them. Or change the buttons on your winter coat. Small details really do make a difference. If you have spare material why not sew an additional strip of material to your hemline? Layered looks are all the rage and you’ll have new and original clothes in less than an hour.

2. Update your wardrobe cheaply by buying scarves. You will be pleasantly surprised at how cheaply you can pick them up for. Go into shops you wouldn’t normally shop in and look only at their scarf selection. Choose colors that are in fashion this season to update your look quickly. There are many different ways to tie scarves. Have a look on the internet to check out how you can stand out from the crowd. If you cannot afford a new scarf, have a look in your local second hand shop. Whatever the season is, scarves will never date. Choose a light one in the warmer months, and rug up in a soft cashmere wrap in the cooler months.

3. Do a clothes swap. Invite 4 friends over who are roughly the same size as you, over to your place. Have them bring any clothes they are tired of. What is old to you may very well be new to you. So the clothes swapping is fair, ensure you swap a shirt for a shirt or a skirt for a skirt. This is a fun and free way to acquire new clothes and update your wardrobe instantly. Crank up the music and put on a spread of goodies. Organize to do this every season at a different friend’s house.

These 3 ways to revamp your wardrobe should not be underestimated! Enjoy your new clothes as you update your look quicker than you imagined possible.

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